New Summer Wreath

With Summer in FULL swing it was definitely time to swap out the Hello Yarn Wreath that was hanging out on the front door. I went in several different directions before I ended up with this Fabric Scrap Wreath, but I couldn’t be happier.

I actually used the same wreath as my form & left the yarn in case I decided to ever come back to it. I had spent HOURS wrapping the yarn & I couldn’t bring myself to cut it all away.

Do you ever get in those kinds of moods?? You want to mix things up, but you just can’t undo all the work you did the first time? I feel that way about some of the paint colors in my house too, but we spent SO much time painting every room, do I really want to paint again?

But back to the wreath…

So I pulled off the bunting & got to work. I don’t really have a tutorial, but I’m not sure anyone really needs one (just some fabric & about an hour of time).
I started with just the yellow & white fabric. Each strip was roughly 1.5″ x 8″.


I came back & added the red accents later. The yellow & white was missing the pizzazz I was looking for, so I pulled out these two great prints. I especially LOVE the red, blue, and yellow flower pattern. I hope I can find some more of it for my next project! Some might say it makes my heart smile. My new wreath has been hanging out for about a week & I’m pretty sure it’s here for the summer!

Oh, did you notice that red/burgundy color door behind the wreath. I usually don’t mention it & try to look past it because I’m not a fan. Usually my wreaths don’t blend at all with the door because not much of what I create goes with red. Why don’t I paint it you ask? Well, we have an association & they say it has to be that color. I usually would rebel & ask for forgiveness later, but you see III is on the board for our association. I know… So, it might be bad re-election publicity for me to go against the rules. He could get fired from his non-paying gig.

One day…one day I’ll have a lovely neutral door :o)

Sharing at some fabulous parties :o)

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