New Design…

Now that I’m out for the summer, (and for some reason waking up at 7:15am…boo)
I have plenty of time tweak my blog design again.

The colors have stayed the same, but the header & buttons got a little bit of an upgrade.

I used PicMonkey to make the header.

The size is 1024 x 250 if you are looking to make your own! Email me if you need help.

The chevron pattern is from Mel Stampz….she has SO many beautiful, free designs & patterns :o)
Head that way & check it out!! Here is a preview…

Then I just added some of the graphic options & text.
The cute suitcase clipart is from A Perfect World.

If you currently have one of my buttons hanging out at your blog, I updated that too!
You can grab it below or head over to my buttons page.

A Step in the Journey

And that down there, well…that’s a new signature.

post signature

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