Independence Cookie Pops {Happy Fourth of July}


III LOVES cookies.
OREOs, Chips A’Hoy, Keebler…
I try my best to keep the pantry full stocked, it keeps for a happy husband!
Every now & then I get the urge to move away from pre-packaged.
I’ve tried all kinds of the homemade types, but without fail III prefers Nestle break & bake.
Anyone else in III’s boat?
And well, I can’t complain!! It saves me hours of kneading, mixing, and ending the night covered in flour & crossing my fingers that these turn out okay!

However, in hopes to add a little homemade touch, I decided to dress this batch up for the
Fourth of July!

Everything is better on a stick :o) Here is a simple how to, on how you can make one too!


Mini Break & Bake Cookies | Patriotic Sprinkles | Gulf Wax | Chocolate Chips | Cream Cheese Icing
*not pictured: Cake Pop Sticks


01. Break & Bake according to package instructions.

02. Allow to cool on a cute cooling rack if you have one…I tend to bake my cookies a minute or two less than suggested. Then I use a spatchula and pat them down on top. They tend to turn out perfectly!

02b. While your cookies are cooling work on melting your chocolate chips (about 1/3 of a bag) along with about 1/3 of a bar of Gulf Wax…this will make the chocolate firm up & hold. I used a double boiler, but you could also just microwave!

03. When COMPLETELY cooled, flip over half of your batch & add a dollop of cream cheese icing!

04. Dip one end of your cookie pop stick into the melted chocolate & then lay it on top of your cream cheese icing dollop. This will help in holding your cookie pop together. Trust me.

05. Place another cookie of comparable size on top & press slightly.

06. After you have made all of your cookie sandwiches, I would suggest placing them in the fridge for about 30 minutes to firm up.

07. Now it’s time to dip! I chose to only dip about half of each cookie pop into the chocolate.

 08. Add sprinkles of your choice!! It’s best to do this part over a bowl & they tend to jump when the hit the counters. You can also then reuse the “fallen comrades.”

09. Lay on parchment paper so that you will easily be able to pull them up! This stuff is genius if you ask me :o)


09a. Any cookies that fall apart or don’t look up for consumers…well you can see the action I decided to take!

10. I put together a cute styrofoam base (using patriotic paper & ribbon to hide the green styrofoam)
 & added a little washi tape (or ribbon) to jazz the sticks up.

Now you are ready to celebrate the USofA!!

Serving up here!!

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