Happy Father’s Day Daddy

Dear Dad, remember when I was one and a half or so & you gave me that hammer to “help” build our house? Well I think I’m handy because of that moment…I get excited about miter saws & paint. You’ve rubbed off on me.

Dear Dad, I LOVE AUBURN because of the traditions you & mom have instilled in me since I was young. You are a BIG fan, and I had quite the shoes to fill.

Dear Dad, thanks for reminding me that that being a big sister and a good person always means doing your best to love unconditionally. 

Dear Dad, thanks for ALWAYS working hard to provide each of us with an amazing education. We will forever be grateful for not having to deal with college loans.

Dear Dad, remember when I had the best wedding ever. Mom and I tried really hard to stick to a budget, but when we needed a little more you said okay.

Dear Dad, thank for giving me roots, but also giving me wings to fly!

Love you,
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