25 Things

1. I’ve officially been out of school for 12 days, and I must say summer break is amazing.
2. Most people can’t understand how I fill so much time. But being a DIYer means I’m rarely bored.
3. I have 7 weeks of Summer vacation left. Then back to my 3rd graders!
4. I haven’t posted my Small Moments Monday in a while. Let me catch you up.
6. You can follow me on Instagram @astepinthejourney
7. Last weekend we went to the Braves game twice. Saturday & Sunday.
8. The first time we sat in a box (thanks Jeff & MJ!).
9. The second time we sat 7 rows behind home plate (thanks Turner Broadcasting)
10. Did you know I was such a BIG timer…well, as least my husband. 
11. We’re not really, just lucky to get some awesome seats.
12. ICEEs are my favorite drink/treat/thing of all time…
13. I NEVER can find them in Georgia.
14. They are everywhere in Alabama…that is why Alabama is the best. 
15. Several gas stations are running any size for $1.09 ICEE specials, kind of like McDonalds. 
16. It makes the car ride to Alabama well worth the effort.
17. Well family really does, but the ICEE is icing on the cake!
18. I painted our master bathroom yesterday.
19. At the last minute I decided to add a stencil to the wall opposite the mirror.
20. It turned out pretty cool. I’ll show you soon.
21. Have you read Kisses from Katie?? You should.
22. I am SO EXCITED about our trip to Uganda at the end of July! 
23. God is so good…and I can’t wait for his love to work through me as I build relationships with the children at the orphanage. 
24. We’ve had to get multitudes of shots & pills for the trip. 
25. Max is lying next to me running in his sleep. Might be the cutest thing in the world.
Have a LOVELY weekend :O)

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