Small Moment Mondays – # nine

We started the week cheering on the hometown “Bravos!” Unfortunately they lost to the Phillies, but I’ll watch anything only a few days up from the dugout!! Thanks TBS for the FABULOUS tickets :o)
Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Have I ever mentioned how III and I had breakfast for dinner at our wedding reception. Not only was it a BIG money saver, it also added a personal touch. You see, we go to brunch on Saturday all the time! Atlanta is full of awesome restaurants and we have the receipts to prove it!
I tried cutting III’s hair again. Surprisingly enough it looks pretty good. III estimates over the next 50 years we can save almost $10,000 if I cut his hair instead of paying every few weeks.
Our nephew came to visit this weekend. While his parents went antiquing we were left in charge of the almost two year old. Above is a pic of III and him at Barnes & Noble.
Have you seen We Bough a Zoo. We LOVED it, and had no idea it was based on a true story! It’s a definite must see, and would be great for a family movie night!
Finally, I HAD to take a snapshot of our DVR. Yep, that is almost 70 Friends. I think I’ve seen every one ever made, but they are just as good the third, fourth, and fifth time! The episode we watched last night first aired 17 years ago. WOW!

Finally, I have to share a BIG moment with you! Jill at Things with Wings, left me a comment Saturday, letting me know my DIY Baker’s Twine was featured on CRAFT Magazine’s website. OH.MY.GOODNESS. I was in shock when I clicked over! What an honor :O) I’m not sure how I got the feature, but am honored to be given the shout out!! Pinching myself now!

An if that is cool enough, I checked my traffic sources & was getting a lot of love from Babble. Want to know why?

Because that project in the middle on the left, well you know where they got it from :O)
Thank you to these sites & my readers for all the love! You’ve MADE MY MONDAY.

. . . . .
Okay, so let me share just a few more pics from the babysitting adventure with the nephew. Because, you see when you have the cutest 2 year old at your fingertips, you have to take LOTS of pictures. 

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  • Your nephew is so gosh-darned cute! Thanks for reminding me to do the breakfast for dinner thang – great idea, we'll do it soon. I'll have to look for that movie too (have you seen A Dolphins Tale – we just saw it this weekend, it's GOOD) Congratulations on the feature in Craft Magazine – woo hoo!

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