Ending Another Year

End of the year Oscar Party – CHECK
Burn the Slideshow to DVDs – CHECK
Give final reading assessments – CHECK
Say our goodbyes – CHECK
Cry a little – CHECK, CHECK
Another school year has come to a close.
When I’m not busy crafting, blogging, & DIYing you can usually find me in my 3rd grade classroom doing what I can to encourage kids to reach their full potential. 
To become who they were created to be.
This year I again realized how much I truly LOVE my job. I’m so lucky to be able to say that. You see, I had a student teacher from January to May (she rocked), so I didn’t do quite as much teaching as I usually do. And I discovered that I missed it.  I can only assume that because I missed it, I love what I do. Having a job where you feel like you are making a difference (most days) is pretty awesome. 
I will miss this group of kids. They were a good bunch! Sharp minds that loved a challenge, entertaining personalities that made me smile each and almost every day, and supportive parents who were there whenever I asked for anything. You really can’t ask for much more as a teacher.
So as another year comes to a close I’ll look back fondly & think about the 15 kids who will always be in my heart. I can’t wait to see what you become, because I know each and every one will become GREAT!
Now onto that DIY Summer to-do list!! Be prepared for project overload :o)
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1 thought on “Ending Another Year”

  • Shirley said:
    I just wish my children had a loving teacher like you when they were in school. I really don't know how you handle all that you do but I love your blog. If you didn't get thanks from your class I want to say thanks for molding the children of the future.

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