Cinnamon Sticks

Sweet tooth anyone?
One of III’s favorite things in the world is heading out to lunch at the Pizza Hut buffet. 
I know, I know…but I satisfy these desires and join him when I’m out of school. 
To be honest, I don’t really mind, because breadsticks & cinnamon sticks are a weakness of mine!
A few weeks ago I brought the sweetness home. 
It all began with a can of Pillsbury breadsticks.
Two people don’t need 12 breadsticks. 
So I decided to add a little of this and a little of that to make things interesting!
Before twisting 1/2 of the breadsticks, I drizzled with butter & then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Finally, I twisted before baking, per package instructions.
While in the oven I whipped up a little icing. It really is simple, just mix confectioner’s sugar & milk to create a syrup-y consistency. Add the milk pretty slowly, you can always add more.
Drizzle on top & enjoy.
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