Chocolate Dipped Banana Bites…

. . . . .
I stumbled across this picture the other day…and I couldn’t resist. 
I copied Never Homemaker…straight up! 
(down to the picture apparently :o) )
I followed everything about her recipe, except for the coconut. 
Not a fan.

Oh, and instead of vegan chocolate chips, I used Toll House.

And Skippy Peanut Butter vs. Natural. 
I’m a little embarrassed I’m not more organic. But this is me for you, 
the good the bad & the ugly processed.
You might say I made the unhealthy version of this treat.
However, I am eating fruit as a snack which should give me some bonus points.
I promise they taste better than they look.

My chocolatey peanut butter melted goodness started clumping up on me…
But I ran with it. Delish.
Thanks Never Homemaker for the recipe!
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