Brother’s Graduation

Well, he did it! My little brother Zachary has graduated from high school.
I left for college in 2002. That was 10 years ago…and my little brother was going into the 3rd grade.
I mention this often when talking about my brother, but I always think of him as being that 9 year old boy that I left at home when I headed off to Auburn. I’m not sure what it will take to get that burned image out of my head, but as we drove to Alabama on Friday I couldn’t help but expect him to be wearing a cap & gown that swallowed his 9 year old frame whole.
Instead he looked like the man he has become. I’m proud of all his accomplishments. He is a dedicated tennis player. So dedicated in fact that he earned a spot on a college tennis team. This fall he’ll be attending Huntingdon College (a private school in Montgomery) & will be a part of their tennis team. 
(And I have to mention this…that is my grandmother above, she just turned 82. Doesn’t she look good. At one point we looked over and she was doing jumping jacks with one of her great grand-daughters. Yes, I said JUMPING JACKS. I hope I’m feeling that good at 82!)

Back to Zac, he was nicely awarded for his accomplishments! 

I made the wooden sign of course :o) Now I must get out my calendar & schedule in a time to head down south for his first tennis match!

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  • Congratulations to Zac! My most recent post was about my youngest child graduating high school. It came way too fast!!! Good luck to Zac…the girls down here in the South are gonna LOVE him!!!

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