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I recently attended a Thirty-One party! It was absolutely lovely & their products are awesome. 
So I decided to have one of my own :o) 
However, it’s a CRAZY time of year for me & most people I know, so I decided to have an online party instead of the “in person” kind. Have you seen any of their awesome products?
{I do kind of feel like I’m cheating on Vera (Bradley), but I just can’t resist some of these items!}
I’m really digging this Hang Up Home Organizer. 
It will be great in my home or office.
It seems everyone at school has a Thirty-One lunchbox. Did I mention you can add a monogram?
This bag would be perfect for a trip…it zips open to grow large enough for all your souvenirs!
And one more for your viewing pleasure…and because I couldn’t resist. You can personalize these bags for your own family. GENIUS if you ask me :o)
Anyways…if you have heard or seen of Thirty – One, but you haven’t been able to find someone selling, check out my party! It will run until May 13th :o)
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