Tissue Paper Pom Poms

As I mentioned earlier in the week, we had a combined Easter lunch/baby shower on Saturday. 
My sister-in-law in pregnant with her second, and we are looking forward to meeting this baby girl in June!
I helped out with the decor & knew after using the coffee filter puff balls at Thanksgiving 
that I wanted to add a similar touch to this event!
This might be the EASIEST & most inexpensive project to date, Pom Pom Flowers made from tissue paper!
Each puff ball is made using one package of tissue paper (8-9 sheets) costing about $0.97 each.
Let me go ahead and apologize now…I made these puff balls in the car & took the photos with my iPhone.
I was trying to maximize that 5 hour drive.
1. Accordion Fold the stack of tissue paper.
2. Tape or attach with wire in the center.
3. Start pulling the tissue paper in opposite directions.
4. First up, then down…
5. When you finish one side, go to the other.
6. Fluff until pretty :o)
So do you agree? Isn’t this the simplest project EVER!!
Here are a few more inspiration pictures…


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