Small Moment Mondays #6 & 7

I missed out on Small Moment Mondays last week. I must apologize.
I was blogging about Easter & my sweet pup, Max (including the traumatic events that unfolded last weekend.)
This blog is like a digital scrapbook for me, & while I do mostly leave you with craft ideas, recipes, and my thoughts on decorating…I also want to remember the life in between the flour and glue gun. So I also blog about those small (and sometimes BIG) moments that make up the puzzle of life. Thanks for allowing me to do so and sending encouraging words, smiles, and prayers our way.
Okay, let’s move right along….there is a Max update at the bottom of this post!
. . . .
Chick-fil-a Milkshake. Need I say more? 
What if I told you it was free & they took my expired coupon. I’m not sure it gets any better!
So I tried using Contact Paper with my Silhouette. Talk about living out the saying “If at first your don’t succeed, try, try again…and again…and again.” 43rd times a charm!
Yoga pants & Max are a BAD combination.
Thanks to Google for sending a little spending money my way! And thanks to each and every one of you who have clicked on their ad over there —–>
We struck gold at Goodwill. 
Once I get finished recovering this beauty, she will make the PERFECT reading chair!
Little did we know what would happen that night, but here is Max, excited about his first trip in the new car!
Okay, so I didn’t capture too many “moments” this week, but I’ve been busy taking care of my patient. 
Thank you for ALL of your thoughts & prayers (from this post). Max and I take comfort in knowing so many of you are praying of us him! It’s working!
Here is an update of our first week of recovery…
1. Max HATES the cone of shame. Poor thing runs into every piece of furniture within a 2 mile radius.
2. Riding home from Mobile…the Benadryl did NOT knock him out.
3. Max is back to his old self…how do we know? He is begging for table scraps.
4. Max loved the toys his grandparents & aunt/uncle gave him as a get well present!
5. Boo IVs.
6. I told you he was going to have one gnarly scar. 
7. Seriously….take it off.
We are headed back to the vet on Saturday to have the staples removed. We are getting closer to being “out of the woods.” However, we had a scare today when he took off after another dog…another clue he is back to his old self (why is does he have to be such a bully?). Thank goodness the other dog is alright! And Max, well he seems to being doing okay after the over exertion of energy. No sighs of stomach rupturing…just parental frustration. 
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