Small Moment Mondays #5

I am BACK & refreshed :o) 
Thanks for holding down the fort while I was gone. 
Last time I was here I was
However, I’m happy to say I did a lot of checking on my to-do list, which means I’m ready to go!
While I was away the little blog hit another milestone :o)
That is right. We are now up to 600 followers/friends!! I am so lucky to have such an amazing readership who motivate me to keep on crafting and keep on sharing life. Thanks to all of you who are along for the journey and leave the sweetest comments :o) Each and every one of you make my heart smile.
. . . . .
In efforts to relax & get away from all things business like, III and I headed north to one of our favorite activities! Disc Golf. We used to play ALL THE TIME when we first started dating. Now it’s a real treat to block out the 4 hours it takes to make the trek and play a round of disc golf. But it’s always WELL worth it!
I’m happy to say with my 16 point handicap, we tied!
. . . . .
While I LOVE playing disc golf and being out in the sunshine, I think my favorite part of these trips is stopping to pick up a chicken salad sandwich at McAlisters. It’s amazing, and reminds me of after church lunches when I was in Auburn :o)
. . . . .
In the middle of my full on melt down, I just needed one thing: a Coca-cola, and it would be a BIG plus if it was a fountain one :o) QT to the rescue…they have the crunchy ice too! Perfection! Don’t tell my dentist.
. . . . .
Max and I have our best walks in the late afternoons, and we have a lot of friends who join us along the way. Have you seen these floating worms/ They appear out of NO WHERE! I always have to remember to watch where I’m going and keep my mouth shut unless I want an early dinner! Ackkk!
. . . . .
Do you remember when we horzonified our powder bath? Well it’s been 5 months and there are still some lingering pencil lines. I need to get on that!
. . . . .
The weather continues to be GORGEOUS, and we don’t want to miss a minute! So when deciding what to eat for dinner this weekend we decided to take it out to the grill. Last month we came in a little OVER budget on our food column, so we had to work with what we had on hand. Max’s hot dogs it is!
Just to clarify they are human hot dogs; just originally purchased for Max!
. . . . .
Finally, I had to snap a photo yesterday when a special visitor showed up at church!
It’s kind of ironic considering the hubs and I just led our bible study referencing Numbers 22, the story where a donkey talks to Balaam. However, not at all ironic considering it was Palm Sunday!
. . . . .
Thanks for stopping in. Make sure and stop for a minute to enjoy your small moments as well :o)

2 thoughts on “Small Moment Mondays #5”

  • Hey, War Eagle! Glad you are back and congrats on 600 followers now. Love that photo of “Jesus” and the cute donkey…I did note also that the donkey is being trailed by a fellow ready to scoop the poop.

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