Saving More than Money

I am constantly changing up the way I use coupons. However, I never change the fact that I use them :o)
Why wouldn’t you?? It’s easy money back into your pocket!
While at Target the other day I picked up a new accordion file folder. This one is smaller than my last file (easier to carry in my purse), so I had to condense categories.
Doesn’t it look so nice on the inside? Look at all that paper money.
I used my Silhouette to cute out a label for the front.

I titled this post Saving More than Money, because while I save money I also save time using this great little organizer. I am not a crazy coupon lady that buys 38 newspapers and spends 17 hours on the computer researching the best deals. I’m a one stop couponer; 
SoutherSavers is my money saving knight in shining armor.
As I’ve mentioned before I shop at Publix and occasionally Kroger…
and do my best to save as much as I spend.
I put in about 45 minutes of coupon clipping, organizing, and list making…then I hit the aisles. Publix has a decent amount of Buy One Get One free items each week (50% off if you only by one) & when paired with a coupon you can really strike gold! I do my best to buy a couple extras of our staples when they go on sale.
And my favorite deal as of late is 
Why would anyone pas up this deal? 
You only have to spend $25 and can purchase a $50 gas card for only $40! 
I broke up my purchases into $25 increments and bought a gas card with each one. 
Today I was able to buy ALL this 
for $135…and a savings of about $80!!!
$100 in gas cards
4 boxes of cereal
A bottle of wine
A giant bag of PB M&Ms
3 bags of cheese
2x Natural Jelly
9 Pillsbury baking items
and I could go on and on..
A few coupon tips:
Only cut coupons for items you usually buy (or comparable products).
Keep organized.
Use a coupon when an item is on sale for maximum savings.
Use an online resource for matching up your coupons; let some else do the hard work for you!
Smile…cashiers don’t always love seeing a HUGE stack of coupons, smiling helps.
Don’t compare yourself to crazy couponers on TV, some of these ladies commit as much time as they would to a full time job (but as III always says, would make more money than they save if they were at that job)!
Use your savings to purchase your meat, fruits, and veggies.
Be proud of yourself! 
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