Recycled Planters

Spring is FINALLY here! I love the warm temperatures, the extra hours of daylight, and all of the color that is popping up ALL over Atlanta. This southern city is a really beautiful place. The azaleas are blooming in the most vibrant hues and the hydrangeas are on their way! I have dreams of one day having a huge garden & lots of flowers, but my black thumb our current abode doesn’t provide for such hopes. 
But that didn’t stop me from bringing these beautiful blooms inside. 
(Plus if they are cut flowers I can’t kill them…they are already dead!)
I started with a few Starbucks frappuccino bottles saved for me by friends at work, and took off the labels with GOO Gone.
The images were cut out with my Silhouette using frosted vinyl. I used the plant picks image, from the Silhouette website, and then added the words to the inside before cutting the images out.
I think at some point I would like to fill theses recycled planters with soil & plant some herbs, but for now I settled for some pretty purple flowers Max & I found on our walk yesterday. I’m looking forward to swapping these little vases out over the Spring and Summer!



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