Our Sweet Max

If you are new around here, this is Max. He is our furry child, the one and only. He might be a little bit spoiled, but you see…we love him. A LOT. Don’t you just LOVE that face. He joined our family in January 2011, leaving his foster home in the dust and since then he’s gotten quite comfy in his new digs. And he has dug himself pretty deep into our hearts since then. Then, on Friday, our world stood still around 11:00pm as we waited in the ER for our precious boy to come out of surgery.

Download as an 8 x 10 below…(There is no watermark on the download).
But that is getting a little bit ahead or myself. Let me start from the very beginning (a very good place to start…). Friday, we headed down to Mobile to spend Easter with III’s family. It was Max’s first trip in the NEW car! We thought he’d be excited and we were right…so much room to move around :o) and LOTS of panting.
Max loves to go anywhere in the car. I think this is because he knows it’s the vehicle we sometimes leave him behind in, & he doesn’t like to be left behind. Who can blame him? He does have the best parents ever!
So when we arrived in Mobile everything was great. Max was frolicking in the tall grass (III’s parents live on about 8 acres) and loved the freedom. Then he ran right up onto the porch…his favorite place in lower Alabama. He only ate about half his food for dinner which should have been the first sign, but we thought he just might be a little car sick. 
We headed inside for a home cooked meal, before heading back out to the porch to take in the stars & peaceful, middle of nowhere, Alabama. It wasn’t long until Max started acting funny which turned into dry heaving and before we knew it he was foaming at the mouth & cramping :o( My heart broke for him but had no idea what to do. So I called my uncle, our resident dog expert. He didn’t even give me time to worry or guess what might be going on. Jack said we needed to get Max to the vet immediately. He had a feeling that Max’s stomach had twisted. If not treated immediately, it is life threatening.
The three of us got to car as SOON as possible & started the 25 minutes trek to the nearest ER Vet…I know if you are not a dog/pet person you might not understand, but that might have been one of the longest 25 minutes of my life. III had the “pedal to the metal” so to speak & all I could do was try and keep Max calm. We talked about some of our many adventures, I encouraged him to keep fighting and reminded him how strong he was, and we prayed. We prayed to our BIG God that he would keep his hand on our sweet puppy. We LOVE this dog, and realized how much in the new few hours. 
The vet confirmed our worse fears & had an X-Ray to prove it. We had two options. 
1) Do nothing and she assured us he wouldn’t be with us much longer 
2) Open him up immediately to untwist his stomach and relieve the stress on his stomach. 
Now III and I had had the “how much would we spend on Max when it came down to it” talk. But in that moment, I think we both agreed we couldn’t let him go. He was too young and we loved him too much. So we opted for surgery. It was touch and go for a little while with some complications along the way. I cried the entire way home wondering if I would ever see my little buddy again. Dogs are such an amazing example of unconditional love. I know no matter what that Max loves me :o) He had followed me around for the past 5 days while I was on Spring Break, never wanting to be out of arms reach. How could he not be there to meet me at the door or nudge my hand while I’m watching TV, insisting that I pet him. 
We prayed. We cried. We hoped that we would be able to see them in the morning. To our relief we received a phone call around 2am to say that Max had come out of surgery and was waking up. They had given him his BEST possible shot. There was relief, but along with it, anxiety about what the next few hours would hold. 
We went back to see him Saturday morning. I expected to see the same lethargic puppy we had left the night before, but praise the Lord, Max was up and ready to go. Granted he was taking around 30s stitches and an IV along on the journey, but he was ready to go. I’d never thought I would be so happy for that 80 pound dog to yank me down the hall.

Max isn’t out of the woods yet. Because of some complications he is still in danger of his stomach rupturing, so if you are the dog loving, praying kind, he could still use a few more prayers. The next two weeks will be telling. We are limiting his activity, but this lazy dog doesn’t mind. He’ll be glad dad isn’t dragging him on three mile runs anymore. He isn’t however happy with his new headdress. I can’t say I blame him…he looks kind of silly (please don’t tell him I said so) and is running into everything! 
I’ll keep you updated on his progress. He is heading in the right direction, and right now is working on a pretty cool battle scar. We are hoping and praying he’ll be with us for a long time…and he’ll be able to ONE DAY have conversations like this:
Dear Max, We love you buddy…more than you know. We are so glad you are hanging out at our feet right now. You’ve been through the wringer these last few days, but you’ve stayed strong! Keep fighting. We are so proud of you. And I promise no one is talking about your new accessory. You wear that cone like a champ. Oh, and when we are dreaming about that awesome trip we were going to take with the cashola we just shelled out on you, it will all be okay. Because you are worth every penny! Promise.
Love, Mom and Dad

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25 thoughts on “Our Sweet Max”

  • Oh my gosh! How is Max doing? I have 4 little dogs, people think we are crazy when we travel or show up places. But they are our family, now that our children are gone. I could not live without them, I would do anything for them. I hope all is well with your family.

  • Trust me, I know EXACTLY what you mean about that drive to the emergency vet feeling it takes an eternity. The first time we did that in the middle of a Chicago blizzard and when it was all said and done with I told my husband I have no idea how people manage to stay composed when something happens to their kids!! Like you I love my dogs like no other! Keeping Max and his recovery in my thoughts. Love your sweet printable. Thanks for sharing:)

  • Max is lucky to have such wonderful, loving “parents” who acted so quickly and gave him a second chance. He is absolutely gorgeous and I'm crossing my fingers and toes hoping for a full recovery. Our cat is recovering from an injury right now so I know how hard it is to try to make an animal rest!

    Claire @ alittlesomethinginthemeantime.blogspot.com

  • Oh my goodness!! I can't imagine how you kept it together! He is adorable and probably a huge snuggler! I hope he stays well, thanks for the print share! -Jessica@GreenPB&Js

  • I'm all teary eyed reading this post. Praying for your Max, hope he recovers soon! I'm a huge dog lover and have a Max of our own so I completely understand your love for him. Hang in there Max buddy!

  • :o( I am praying for Max. My heart is just hurting for you guys. But I am glad that so far things are okay. I just love furry babies….you are so right—they are a perfect display of unconditional love.

  • We are on our second golden – they are so lovable! Our first girl, Shelby was our first “baby” – we had her before children and we still miss her!
    So glad to hear that Sweet Max is doing better. What a good boy. I could just feel your Mommy panic! Y'all will be in our prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  • I adore the printable! We have two pups, Chloe & Oliver, who are our world. We don't have kids yet, so these two are our fur babies! I can't even imagine if one had to have major surgery: I freaked out when Chloe had an allergic reaction and her face swelled up! I am your newest follower and we are all wishing Max the best and speediest recovery possible!


  • Sending prayers for Max and blessings for you and your family that you love him as a member of your family and gave him a chance to return that love.

  • I am totally in tears right now! I have two labs and they are my babies (ages 10 and almost 10)…along with my 4 and 1 year olds!!! My dogs have been with me through a lot and I am not sure what I would do without them! Dogs are amazing and so sweet! I am praying for Max because I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! Take care and many blessings!

  • oh my goodness, he looks so sweet! I know all about loving our animals! They are family… praying he continues to heal and get all better!

  • Oh, LauraBeth, I am so sorry that you guys had this scary experience. I absolutely understand your dog love, and can't imagine the day when we have to make some of those hard decisions for our pups. Praying for quick healing in the coming days, and for peace for you and III!!!

  • I'm so glad that your Max made it through. My families dog had a scare last week with x-rays to confirm cancer on his spleen, he went in for surgery the next day and unfortunately wasn't strong enough to recover. He is in heaven now but we're just happy he isn't suffering. I'm glad this wasn't the same story for Max though. :)

  • Oh my! This post made me tear up! I am so glad to hear that Max made it through surgery. I will definitely keep your family in my prayers. Keep us posted on how your little guy is doing.

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