Let me see your Tootsie Roll!

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“Let me see your tootsie roll…”
Gotta love a good flashback :o)
I’ve been meaning to make a pillow for this chair in our living room for a while now. It sits there so lonely and only makes friends with my purse and jackets shed at the front door.
I’ve had a thousand different ideas, but at good will today I stumbled upon this “tootsie roll” pillow. I’m sure it has a technical name, but I don’t know it.
Now I’m not a pillow maker, so I kind of just “winged” this one. 
First, I made a tube by sewing together the two edges of my fabric, pattern sides facing inwards.
Then I cut a piece of robin’s egg blue fabric in a long strip about 2 inches wide. Then I stitched a lose stitch down the center so that I could “scrunch” it up!

Then I pinned the piece over the seam & loosely stitched it to the pillow.
Next step…it’s not a pillow without a little stuffing. So that is what I did :o)
To tie off the ends, I actually used the small, clear ponytail ties. I must admit I was pretty proud of myself on this one :o)
And last but not least, I hot glued the edges of my ruffle into the pleated “ends” of my tootsie roll pillow!
Now, do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?
Good? Okay, this new pillow was made in about 33 minutes. Now, that is my kind of project!!
The BAD news?? It doesn’t fit the chair it was made for…oh well, I’m sure it will make itself at home somewhere soon!
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