Friends are Friends Forever…cheesy but true.

I am headed to the lake this weekend. 4 of my 5 best friends from college will be there. 
It’s going to be awesome.
We’ll reminisce about the flying squirrel that ventured into the house our senior year at Auburn. 
Or talk about the time we threw a pumpkin back and forth in the front yard until if finally exploded on the sidewalk. 
We’ll ask what really did happen the night one of our boyfriend’s moms showed up to apologize for her son breaking up with her. 
Follow the leader anyone?
And so much more.
Because even though we live all over the world (literally), when we get together it’s like we never left the loveliest village on the plains. But this time we’ll have 6 extra members..and all under the age of 2. 
Talk about great birth control for the one who doesn’t have kids yet! (me) 

Happy Friday!
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