St. Patty’s Pie

Happy PI Day!!! It’s 3.14
Back in February I made a delicious pink lemonade pie. Yes, it was a little chilly for a frozen pie, but I saw it on Pinterest, and well you all know how that goes. I had to try one for myself. It was delish!
Well, now it’s March and while it’s usually still cool, today was it was in the upper 70s, so I figured I would pull out the recipe again. This time I added a little green twist, for my
St. Patty’s Limeade mini Pie.
For the crust I smashed a few graham crackers (a great stress reliever if you are looking for one), mixed it with melted butter, and then after filling the cupcake tins baked on 350 degrees for about 5 minutes. 
For the filling I followed the same recipe as before. You can find it here.
The only substitutes are limeade concentrate & green food coloring.
Is the weather warm where you are? I might even wear flip flops tomorrow!! 
Serving to these lovely ladies.
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