Spring Mantel

It all started with a fireplace. When III and I were house shopping I had to have a fireplace, it might have even been #1 on my list. I imagined Christmas in all it’s glory. The mantel decorated with garland & lights while the stocking hung by the chimney with care. Well, I got the fireplace…and it wasn’t too long before I was at a loss for what to do the11 months of the year it wasn’t Christmas …I’ve tried a lot of arrangements, but then we went and mounted the TV. Now I just can’t find the right look. I think I need to frame the flatscreen in, but that’s for another day and another post.
Today you are here to see my Spring Mantel :o) so see “a mantel” you shall.
This ledge sits next to our fireplace, and is quite mantel like if you ask me :o)
I had all of the items on hand. Decorating with old windows are a love of mine. I wonder if there is a story behind this old window or the house it came from. I picked it up at a local flea market.  The mason jars always remind me of spring. And the hydrangas are my favorite. We had them in the wedding. These are fake, but look pretty good if you ask me!
Finally, I couldn’t resist making another rag tie banner to balance the look.
And before you go let me gather a little decorator’s courage & share my actual fireplace mantel. The TV is currently an overpowering resident.  Any ideas for concealing the beast are appreciated :o)

**Please ignore the messy couch & TV tray!

Thanks to these lovely ladies for having me!

I’ll also be heading to Layla’s to link up my mantel.

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