Small Moments Monday #2

Hello friends. I’m back for another Small Moment Mondays
with special guest, my Instagram app. Can I mention how much I love snapping a quick picture to capture the small things in life and the moments I don’t want to forget! So without further adieu….
. . . . .
I’m sure it’s going around all over the country, but being a 3rd grade teacher I have no way to resist giving into the Girl Scout cookie temptation! Thin Mints are my FAVORITE, and my dad’s too. When I was  Brownie he used to order a dozen of these green boxes. Does anyone else think the boxes have gotten smaller than they were 20 years ago??
My eyes have been driving me nuts lately and keep turning a terrible shade of red. I finally went in to see the Doc and got the lovely news that I am allergic to my own proteins which end up on my contacts and then in turn attack me and turn my eyes all shades of red. Not the best news for a Friday, but hey after showing up at the eye doctor without my wallet, I shouldn’t have expected the day to get any better :o)
III made an official trip to the tag office and we are now legal Georgia motorists! I couldn’t put into words how thankful I was that III took on this task & I didn’t have to go to the DMV. It might just be the worst place on earth.
And as if he hadn’t already won the “best husband of the month” award, the hubs already treated me to Mint Hot Chocolate from Dunkin. It was delicious and the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning which finds you awake at 7:15 am.
Another treat this week, these Reese’s Eggs I found on sale at Kroger. III dominated them, and I must admit I had my fair share. Why is it so many of my small moments have to do with food? Hmmmmm…

Finally, I had to include this last pic because it’s been EVERYWHERE this week. You couldn’t have turned on the Today Show, Twitter, FB, etc. without seeing the videos for KONY 2012. I will probably have some thoughts on this later, but for now I just want to say, make sure you do your research before you jump on a bandwagon. I am not saying Invisible Children is a bad bandwagon to jump on, they do a great job bringing awareness to causes they are passionate about…I’m just saying before you stand for or against something, make sure you know what you are standing for (or against). So my thoughts didn’t wait until later…
Have an AMAZING week! And capture the small moments while you’re at it :o)
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  • I completely agree with the Kony 2012 thing. I think that Invisible Children has good intentions, but really don't do much, other than spread awareness. Spreading awareness is good, but it still doesn't change the situation. I'm a huge fan of the Watoto ministry based out of Uganda. They take in children, educate them, give them a home, teach them about God, and most of them end up going to college. A lot of those children were former sex slaves and child soldiers from the LRA. One of the goals in the Watoto ministry is to raise up leaders within their own country that will truly bring change. Invisible children wants to make a change, but all they seem to do is spread awareness, but the Watoto ministry is already making that change.

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