Small Moment Mondays

This week was extra special because Friday, March 23rd marked III’s 28th birthday. I think that means he is officially in his later twenties??? Do you agree?
The weather here in Georgia has been nothing short of B-E-A-Utiful! 
You really can’t complain when it’s 75 degrees and sunny :o)
Here are a few moments that I want to keep in the memory bank.
. . . . .
This is what my house looked like on Tuesday. Something LOUD blew and then everything went silent. Usually I would be okay with the peace and quiet that a blackout brings, but…
I was in the middle of doing the report cards I had put off until the night before I sent them home. The most ironic part of the whole situation was that back in January I was in the middle of doing report cards when the EXACT same thing happened. I think I learned my lesson, waiting until the night before is never a good idea.
At school we did the coolest experiment. The kids turned into regular ole’ Houdini’s with this floating paperclip experiment.
Wednesday was absolutely beautiful, and so Max & I went for the best walk. 
And yes, I’m wearing flip flops :o)
We stumbled upon the most beautiful wildflowers. It’s like they grew overnight.
Friday brought III’s birthday. We both took the day off. 
No one should have to work on your (husband’s) birthday
We let the wave of teens who went to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games head home to bed before we ventured out to see the movie. It was AWESOME! I started crying the second the reaping began. III leaned over and asked what I was doing…”You know what’s going to happen…”
We celebrated with cookie cake.
III’s parents came in to town to join in the festivities. Before they arrived we gave Max a much needed bath. He couldn’t be stinky for his grandparents.
We spent Saturday outside showing them the beauty of Atlanta. A good portion of the day was spent walking the “banks” of the Chattahoochee. Alan Jackson reference anyone?

Dear Instagram,
You are extraordinary and ALWAYS there when I need you. A true friend.
Dear Last Week, 
While you started out leaving me in the dark, you made up for it with the longer hours of sunlight. Spring is here and I love you for that.
Dear Hunger Games,
You didn’t disappoint. I am glad I read the books before I ventured off to Panem with you. I’m not sure I could have handled it if I didn’t know what was coming.
Dear Max, 
You might be the cutest dog that ever lived. Promise.
Dear In-Laws, 
Thanks for making the 5 hour trek to hang out. I hope we showed you a good time. Come back soon.
Dear Husband,
Thanks for turning 28. You rock. It’s always nice to have a reason to skip work and celebrate. Let’s do it again next year.
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