Small Moment Mondays #3

I must admit I didn’t snap too many small moment photos. However, this weekend I was back in full force. A few moments I want to remember…and a few I don’t mind forgetting :o)
Friday began as a normal day, with this guy hanging out with me as I got ready for school. 
I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a day early with the kids at school with green Rice Krispies. 
I snapped a quick picture before we headed to Birmingham for the weekend. This is the hood of the new car. Mr. Pollen is out in FULL FORCE and he didn’t seem to listen when I told him he wasn’t welcome in these parts.
St. Patty’s morning began with a 5K race for III and our friends Jeff & Mary Jane (thanks for hosting us guys!). I sat this one out, but was there to cheer on III as he crossed the finish line in under 23 minutes! (He’s the first tiny person you see in the background running toward the arch!)
Then we headed out for a traditional breakfast at a trendy joint called Over Easy. I’m a pretty traditional breakfast eater.
It was a gorgeous day in Alabama, and so we headed to the park with III’s sister and our nephew Sam. Isn’t he the cutest kid in the world? While Uncle III tried to entertain him by running 13 miles in the field trying to get his kite to take flight,

he acquired quite the rock collection. The rocks kept his attention much longer….but sweet Uncle III kept trying :o) 

We celebrated III’s upcoming 28th birthday with the family at a Japanese restaurant. Sam loved the performance. III requested that my dad’s next trip to Atlanta included the installation of our our Hibachi grill.
Dear last week,
You were a lot of work and left me going to bed after 11:00 on three different occasions. The girl that wakes up at 5:00am does not appreciate that. However, you made up for it this weekend by offering us great times with friend and family. Way to come through in the end. I also didn’t mind the sunshine if you could keep that up.
P.S. Could you please tell Pollen to not show his ugly head next week. He is no longer invited to the party.
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