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I’ve been seeing fabric scrap banners all over Pinterest & I just had to have one for myself. 
Just check out the latest fabric banner I pinned from BowerPower
Isn’t it lovely…isn’t it wonderful…I could break into song :o)
Let’s get back on track; you might remember my “DIY” Headboard for our 
Well, it took all of 10 minutes after posting it to the blog to realize I had the word “Blessed” hanging over both beds in our home (here is the other one if you are curious). Whoops! Can you be doubly blessed??? Of course, but I’m not sure I should go hanging it all over my house :o)
So, while I knew this fact to be true, it wasn’t until I saw the scrap banners popping up all over the blogosphere that I knew what I wanted to do! So running with Katie’s inspiration I headed to my stash and started pulling out fabrics that fit the current feel of the room.
And then in a “not so methodical” way, I cut the fabric into strips. 
Since the headboard itself is worn and distressed (kind of like me after battling daylight savings) I didn’t worry to much about frayed edges or random strings. I instead let them be part of the feel/look of the banner. Into each corner of the headboard I banged my thumb a nail into place and tied each end of my string to the nail. 
I laid out my strips and got to work.
I started in the middle with my more neutral colors.
Then I added a little sunshine as I worked my way out in each direction.
I couldn’t be happier with the finished product; I’m in love with the banner and think it added the perfect, “please let me come and stay in my guest room” touch!
Do you agree?
Now, most would think I’m done here, but I’m not…because something was still missing in this headboard restyle. It took a little bit of time, but eventually I knew just what I wanted to add…
My best friend Mr. Silhouette cut out a fabulous stencil, and I painted to my heart’s content.
Sweet Dreams
And there you have it…let me know when you are on your way over and I’ll turn down the covers :o)
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