A few weeks ago I reached out to my blogland friends as I struggled with the loss of my beloved Picnik.
I received lots of suggestions from you, my amazing followers!
 I wandered around aimlessly for a while until I stumbled upon PicMonkey. 
Well, folks
We can stop throwing our pity party, because there is a new GUY on the block!
Let me introduce you to:
Picmonkey was created by some of the same masterminds that brought us our favorite photo editing site.
And they brought their fun, quirky attitudes with them,
along with a lot of the same features & capabilities.

And can you handle more good news?????
PicMonkey is a work on progress, so there is a LOT of potential for growth :o)

And do you see that blue star burst up in the right corner??? For now, it’s FREE! Gotta love that.

Let’s see what it can do…

They have lots of different basic edit options:

And I love the effects. Here I used the LOMO effect…what a difference!

They also have touch up options…everything from blemishes to weight loss! My sweet little nephew doesn’t really need touch up, so I don’t have much of an after to share with you :o)

Just like Picnik you can add text, but the font selection isn’t quite as large. You can add descriptions, make printables, and watermark your pictures using this feature.

Graphics are also available. Again the inventory is still a little limited.

And finally, adding a border to finish of your picture is doable with PicMonkey!

There was one feature I clicked on (can’t remember which one) where I received a message asking if I would like to receive a coupon for the premium package when they begin having to charge a membership fee.
For now, however for FREE you can have your pictures go from

I can’t wait to see how PicMonkey changes and improves over the next several month! If all goes as planned in my mind, PicMonkey will be my new favorite in no time :o)

**PicMokey did not ask me to write this post or compensate me in any way.
I just love it’s resemblance to Picnik & can’t wait to become BFF!

Sharing with these lovely ladies.

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