Visiting The Pless Press

A few months ago, the sweet Amber contacted me.
She asked if I would be willing to share my FAITH STORY on her blog, The Pless Press

I was honored to be asked, but you see I’ve gone to church my entire life…did I have a FAITH story??
The answer is, I do. Because you see 
God is taking me on a journey, and I’m not there yet. 
God is writing my story, and it’s not finished.
He is the potter, I the clay, and while I’m taking shape…
I’m not sure what my purpose is just yet.
I’d love for you to come on over and read a little bit of my Faith Story :o)
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1 thought on “Visiting The Pless Press”

  • Hi Laura Beth, I saw your guest post over on the Pless Press and decided to stop by. I am alwasy so encouraged by other crafy bloggers who love God and talk about it openly on their blog. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to following along with you as you share on here!
    Alesha <3

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