So This is Love

There is always this HALLMARK-Y pressure today.
Today needs to be a
not break the bank
from the heart
fancy dinner
LOVE acrostic kind of day.
I asked my students what love was before III and I got married. 
They wrote out their answers, and we placed them on the tables at the rehearsal dinner. 
Love is taking turns taking care of the baby when it cries. 

Love is always staying together even when its hard to do.

Love is going on dates on a regular basis because it will improve your relationship. You should surprise each other.

Love is always putting the other marriage partner’s thoughts before yours. Say sorry when needed.

Love is coming home from work early to spend time with each other.

Love is surprising your husband with a glass of lemonade when he’s cutting the lawn or going online to buy baseball tickets. 

And do you know what? I think Hallmark gets is wrong, and these kids get it right. 
Love is the everyday actions.

Paul says it best in Corinthians.
“Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it keeps no record of wrongs…”

. . . . .
So I have to brag on my husband for a minutes :o)

The other day I left for work around 6:20 am like I usually do. After a long day I called III on my way home and he said to look on the island at the house. 
When I got home I found a note from III on the counter.

He said he knew I didn’t feel well, so he wanted me to relax. The note let me know he had swept the floor and put away the clothes (both my chores). He also apologized for not putting away the dishes, but the cycle was still going when he left for work. III wrote that I should RELAX, put on comfy clothes and watch Fat People (The Biggest Loser) until he got home. He reminded me how much he appreciates what I do for both him and others in our lives.

I love my HUSBAND.
Don’t you :o) I really don’t know how I got so lucky!

So this is love. 
It’s an action…small ordinary moments that you make extraordinary, 
acts of service towards those you love throughout the year.
So as much as I would like to thank Hallmark for giving III a reason to buy chocolate and flowers, I have to thank him even more for not limiting those LOVE moments to one day a year.
We will be celebrating tonight at a local pizza joint. 
It’s a tradition of sorts to always dine here on February 14th!
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2 thoughts on “So This is Love”

  • I completely agree! I think so many times we forget to use our actions and opt out for an easier way to express that love to others. This was great. Thanks!

  • God certinly answered a mother's prayer that she prayed from the moment you were born for a Godly man to love you. He prepared you both for each other – and you are both blessed.
    Mama (and happy love to you both) :)

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