Let’s Check in on the Floors

I had several requests for an update on our Peel & Stick Tile that we used in the laundry room. 
We’ll, it’s still looking great :o) 
We haven’t poured water on it or anything, 
but we have put it though normal, in and out, wear and tear.
And it looks as good as the day we put it down! 
(minus the need for a little sweeping)
Here is a close up shot as well. One question was

What makes it look grouted?
There is a little trim around the edges that give the grout effect. 
I’m still a big fan, have any of you tried Peel & Stick? 
What are your thoughts?
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1 thought on “Let’s Check in on the Floors”

  • Shirley said:
    I have peel & stick in my laundry, it has been there for 38 years (a brick pattern). But the best peel and stick is in my basement. It is light beige and white pattern and it has had 4 feet of flood water on it and it is still as good as it was when we installed it in 1987. (We even used a power washer to clean mud from the floor.) And both floors still look like when we installed them.

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