This is probably the essence of cheap…
it’s no…$21.96 savings when only spending $11.55….OH YEAH :o)
like I did a Publix on Sunday.
(That’s 4 boxes of Special K, Milk, Special K Protein Shake, Special K Protein Bars)
but it’s “thrifty!”
So we like JELLO pudding in our lunch. What I don’t like is the $3.19 price tag that the 6 cups bring.
I know…it’s only like 53 cents each, but still.
So here is my solution.
8 reusable GLAD containers for $1.88.
1 box of JELLO pudding mix for $1.00
Equals 4 pudding cups for 25 cents each 
(plus reusable cups, which basically means, I’m saving the environment too!).
 if you want both chocolate & butterscotch!
Now, before you try this out yourself, let me let you in on a little secret we learned the hard way.
When your milk goes bad…so does you pudding. 
So, now we only make one box at a time,
giving us 4 cups at 25 cents a piece :o) 
Considering we both take our lunch EVERY day, over time that is a pretty big savings if you ask me!
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