Do you LOVE Instagram as much as I do??? I think the overlay effects are my favorite!
Since life isn’t always conducive to carrying around the BIG Nikon D3100 I love having Instagram. This ap makes sure I don’t miss the small random moments of the day.
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I think I am going to start a weekly post, I’m thinking

Small Moments Monday, 
which means I’ve already messed up by posting on a Wednesday. do you want to join in? 
Maybe I’ll make it a Link party??? What do you think? 

1. I’ve been trying to drink more water. You can imagine how life as a teacher makes this hard. I can’t be leaving the kids to go to the bathroom every 67 minutes…but I’m trying :o)

2. III got a raise :o) Always a good reason to celebrate!

3. A picture can say 1000 words. The battery died, like left us for the point of no return kind of died, on our “new to us” car. Luckily the dealership took care of everything & we were up in running in no time.

4. This is gross. Don’t judge me. We have a lazy Susan in the middle of our kitchen table (Poor Susan, that nickname really stuck). In 1.5 years I’m not sure we have every cleaned it out. Lesson learned; we’ll add it to the chore chart!

5. We made LASAGNA for some couples in our Sunday School class. It was lovely, and so are they!

6. We ran a 5K on Saturday. And I ran the entire thing. Unlike III, the marathoner, I’m not much of a runner. However, considering I hadn’t really “trained,” I was pretty proud of those 3.1 miles.

7. Coca-cola…my favorite.

8. I’ve been looking for bedside tables for months. I really liked this one at HomeGoods, but I wasn’t feeling the $99 price tag. I need to stop by Goodwill.

9. Our new favorite dinner: chicken, bacon, pepperjack, & avocado Panini.
We’ve eaten it two nights in a row. DELISH.

Hope you are having a great week! Happy LEAP day :o)

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