HELLO. Yarn Wreath

I am LOVING everything yarn lately :o) It’s so warm and cozy and just makes me want to sit down and stay awhile. You’ll notice my affection after seeing a few projects I hope to having popping up around here soon. Beginning with
Meet my new LOVE. The yarn wreath that so warmly greets all guests who enter our home with a simple
I know back in the Fall I promised I would NEVER make a yarn wreath again because it took HOURS upon HOURS to create and I felt that I could have sanded, painted, and distressed ALL of my kitchen cabinets in the time it took to wrap yarn in a circle enough times to cover a simple foam wreath. Well, I lied.

I saw this gray & white yarn wreath on Pinterest & couldn’t resist.

And the admissions don’t stop there, because I have another yarn project in the works…
I used a green wire garden wreath form for the based. Then I wrapped and wrapped and just when I thought I was finished wrapped some more.
For the pinwheel, I followed these directions from The Polkadot Chair.
I added a rosette to the center & attached the pinwheel to the wreath with hot glue.
For the HELLO pennant banner I used a piece of  polka dot scrapbook paper, copy paper, a letter stamp set, & a little black ink.
Simple. but Polite. 
After gluing the pennants to a piece of yarn I attached the banner to the wreath as well.
I am still debating whether to add a piece of ribbon or yarn to hang the wreath from. I don’t want anything too overpowering. Ideas? 
For now it sits on the wreath hanger, greeting our guests, awaiting it’s destiny.

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