25 Things: New Wheels

1. We bought a new car on Saturday.
2. I’m not sure who is more excited, me or III?
3. It’s a Toyota Highlander. Do you have one? 
4. Do you love it? We do.
5. In order to get the best deal possible we drove 4 hours to check out these new wheels.
6. The car lived up to our expectations :o) Not one detail missing.
7. We spent a lot of time waiting at the dealership while they ran numbers.
8. They knew the best way to our heart though. An ice cold Coca Cola.
9. I was serious about the waiting.
10. Making the purchase…of course I had to document it.
11. Before we left III had to say goodbye to his car. A 1999 Honda Accord.
12. This car was good to him, 220,000 miles good. It was good to him. 
13. It was hard to part ways…but not too hard because we had our fancy new car waiting on us.
14. Rico was a great sales guy. 
15. And a movie coniseur. We actually watched one he recommended when we got home.
16. It was called Unknown, and III just told me he didn’t recommend it, but that Rico actually said he didn’t like it.
17. We did.
18. After 4 hours of waiting, chatting, signing, and handing over some moo-la, we headed home.
19. III drove first, but I got my chance too!
20. It’s so much bigger than our Accords…it feels safe and high.
21. We couldn’t wait to get home and show Max.
22. He LOVES all the space, but cars still make him a little anxious.
23. I think the heated seats are my favorite feature. 
24. Or maybe the keyless entry/start. 
25. Well that was until we locked the keys in the car on the second day we had it. 
25+. Lesson learned. 

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