25 Things

1. The Big Bang Theory is probably my favorite TV show. The laughing gives me belly aches :o)
2. I know all the lyrics to the theme song to the above mentioned TV show…impressive?

3. It is on TV right now (a re-run). Smile.
4. Max is working with a dog trainer. I’ve said it before, but he kind of has bullying tendencies with other dogs. She calls him “reactive.” He’s getting better.
5. Yesterday I had a frosty from Wendy’s. Can you remember the last time you had a frosty?
6. I had planned to do a post today with a new yarn wreath I’m working on, but it’s not finished…
7. We might be buying a new car. Anyone out there have a Ford Edge? Toyota Highlander? What do you think of it?
8. III and I have been eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch. And yes, it’s the honey in the bear bottle; I couldn’t resist.
9. On Monday night, we rented Midnight in Paris with Owen Wilson. It was delightful. It also makes me want to go for the walk in the rain. But I have to wait for the weather to warm up.
10. Do you eat Doritos? They are my weakness. I try to hold myself to only buying them when they are on sale. This week they are Buy One Get One Free at Publix.
11. Today,while grocery shopping, I gave in to my weakness.
12. I have a new student from South Korea. He is precious, and has chosen his “American” name will be Harry. How cute is a 9 year old name Harry?
13. I’m thinking of doing another photography challenge. Anyone interested?
14. This past weekend I got to hang out with three of my best friends at one of their baby showers. We are scattered all of the world now, so these times are priceless.
15. Last night I made hashbrowns. I pretended I was a cook at Waffle House because I like their hashbrowns the best.
16. Mine didn’t “brown” in the same way. They more “blacked.”
17. Perfectly Imperfect might be having a 25 Things link party next week. So we may try this again.
18. The Super Bowl is Sunday, and I am one of the few girls out there who is pumped. I LOVE football.
19. Usually I stick with college, but don’t mind NFL. Those I enjoyed watching in college are now there. Plus I can throw out random facts like, how Tom Brady had to fight for a starting position at Michigan or how Eli Manning has an older brother other than Payton, his name is Cooper.
20. I’ll try and finish the wreath so I can share it with you soon.
21. Did you see the recipe I posted for Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars? I’m serious about you HAVING to make them. They are simply delightful.
22. III proposed by writing a list of 36 reason he loved/s me. We send lists back and forth rather often. Some of the same “inside jokes” always make the lists.
23. Have yall started thinking about what you are going to give your husband/boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? I’m searching for ideas.
24. I really want a big fat, round candle for my coffee table, but I had NO IDEA they cost $30. I don’t want to pay $30 for a candle.
25. I am actually writing this entry at night, and setting it up to post in the morning. Therefore, I am sleepy, so I’m off to bed. 5:15am is an early wake up call. When I wake up it will be February and you will be seeing this post.
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7 thoughts on “25 Things”

  • LOVE THIS POST!! Now I must go make those yummy peanut butter chocolate bars — oh my! And I definitely had Doritos at work tonight — they are my weakness too. I HAVE to have them if I ever have Subway. Or Panera. Or any kind of sandwich ;) XOXO

  • LB, I don't post on this that often anymore cause I read your blog on reader…but just so you know, I am keeping up with your life via your blog…and I immediately thought that you should make yourself a candle cause you are so crafty. oh and ps, i stink for not getting together with you over christmas…but I am aiming to redeem myself of that if you would still have me at some point. ok great…miss you and III at church!!!

  • 1. Big Bang Theory…it's the BEST…love love that show. I have tried hard to get the lyrics down, but haven't yet…lol
    2. Can't wait to try your peanut butter/chocolate recipe Two of my husbands and my favorite peanut butter and chocolate…yum

  • 1. This post makes me miss you
    2. We love our highlander. You should get one so we can be twins
    3. I am not excited about the super bowl but I am excited about the food at the super bowl party
    4. I will be making your peanut butter/chocolate bars this weekend
    5. I'm glad you saw midnight in Paris. Wasn't it lovely?
    6. It was delightful to see you this weekend.

  • I have a Highlander. We bought the limited because I wanted leather, navigation and the big backup camera. I love it. We (including my truck husband) LOVE it. I was insistent on the backup camera since I have a toddler boy, but it has come in quite handy for all parking adventures. I average 22 mpg and drive Houston traffic daily (on a highway, but worse than city stop and go) I love my 3rd row option, but it would really only be useful for anyone under the age of 10 to sit back there. The leg room is almost none. With the 3rd row up, the cargo room practically is NONE (think Chevy Tahoe) We rarely use the 3rd row though so we have plenty of cargo space and the mileage is stellar for a SUV looking crossover. I'm sure there are plenty of other reasons to love a Highlander and I know nothing about the Ford, but these are the reasons *I* love my Highlander. I would have preferred the Sequoia, but I just can't justify that horrible fuel mileage.

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