Why I’m Spaghetti.

Have you ever heard of the book 

I hadn’t either until a couple used it to teach a Sunday School lesson. 
The premise is that men are like waffles, they like their thoughts in neat little boxes…to compartmentalize everything. When they are at work, they are thinking about work…when they are hanging out with their wife, they are thinking about their wife…when they are watching football, they are thinking about football. 
You get the picture.
Women on the other hand are a whole different ballgame (according to the book anyway). 
We aren’t like waffles…women are like spaghetti. All. over. the. place. Women can be sitting on the couch watching their favorite TV show, while blogging, and throwing the ball to the dog, all at the same time. Oh, and honey would you like some coffee?? Let me get that for you :o). I would now like to present my case for why this book has me pegged.
Tuesday I woke up. 
I had slept a little bit later than planned, but seeing how I’m still out of school that is okay.
I went downstairs to eat breakfast. 
When passing the stove top I saw it needed to be cleaned. 
So I cleaned it.
Then I put the stove cleaner back in the laundry room.
 I realized how much I hate dislike the room and remembered my plan to work on it this week.
I decide to blog about it. 
When I sit down at the table I notice my new The Daily Bible and think I better do that first…
Oh, and breakfast, right. 
We need milk.
I eat and read and think and read.
Now my day if off to a good start.
Back to the blog. 
Oh I need before pictures of the laundry room, so I run upstairs to get my camera,
 but am distracted by the pieces of fabric all over the office.
I go to put it up in it’s proper spot when I realize the closet is a disaster, so I clean it up.
Grab the camera.
Head back downstairs to take before pictures of the laundry room.
Schedule the post for Wednesday.
Decide we are in need of groceries because we’ve been gone for 9 days.
Make a list.
Sort coupons.
Look at Southern Savers, revise list.
Head out to the store (yes, without showering…I know).
Pass the hair dresser on the way and decide to get my hair cut. 
Show him the Pinterest picture I like and hope my hair can do that too.
Then to the grocery store (well three of them).
Come home.
Exhausted. Sit on the couch, read blogs, throw the ball for the dog.
I missed lunch.
Sound familiar to anyone??? 
Stay tuned for laundry updates tomorrow :o) I’ve been working hard!


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