The Good The Bad The Ugly


Oh how I wish this was my laundry room. Spoiler alert…friends, it isn’t.

My may not have noticed but there is one room I’ve left off the whole House {to} Home series. Why you may ask? Because it is a disaster, the kind you hope no one ever has to see (unless it’s where you keep you trash can for the kitchen and everyone who comes over has to face the terror that is our laundry room.
Sorry friends. So here it is.

The Good

I have a laundry room, not a closet, not a corner, not space out on the back deck as it was in college…
I have a room and for that I am grateful.
The Bad
The room is scary, literally. Although I have a room for laundry there are a few unwelcomed house guests…
like the hot water heater
the furnace/air conditioning unit thing.
It’s gettin’ crowded in here 
(as said like that song…you know the one where they use hotter instead of crowded)
The Ugly
Well, just see for yourself.

So my first project of twenty12 consists of making the best of the situation.
Here is my plan, both long range and short.
This week I hope to 
paint the walls/ceiling, 
stencil them (the walls),
do something about the bare light bulb as a light source,
hang an ironing board,
replace the shelf above the washer with a new one,
and make this sign.


Long range I want to
replace the floor,
figure out a way to mask the furnace/air conditioner/heater thing,
buy a new house with a bigger laundry room. :o)
So if you are looking for me in the next few days imagine me here, covered in paint, fussing with a stencil, and crossing my fingers hoping these small steps make a big improvement.
I hope to have an update on Friday!

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