Paper Heart Art

With Cupid stringing his arrow, I thought I should start adding a few touches of love around the house.
This project has great Valentine’s balance in my opinion… 
it’s sweet, but not drowning in a sea of red & pink.
Cozy. Cottage. Cute inspired the idea with this beautiful butterfly print.
I followed her advice of marking my canvas with a grid, to try and keep my rows & columns straight.
I punctured each vertex with my Sharpie pen, leaving behind dots to guide my heart arrangement.
{Side note: I LOVE Sharpie…don’t you!! And their pens, to.die.for.}
I did a little multiplying and figured I needed 24 hearts. 
I decided on 20 pebble grey (at least that is what the paint chip calls it), and 4 paper bag brown.
I punched out each heart using this handy gadget.
The using glue dots, I attached each of the grey hearts.
{I first tried one big paper brown heart, but wasn’t in LOVE yet.}
Using a mini stamp set found at Tar-jay {aka Target} 
I stamped out L.O.V.E. on each of my paper bag brown hearts and attached.
Finally, I made a little handmade baker’s twine, 
and tied it in a little bow about 1/3 of the way down.
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