Laundry Related…

I set myself a Friday deadline to blog about the Laundry Room…
my first goal for 2012 and it’s going to have the be delayed. 
I have one more project before I can show you how I went from 
to this
just kidding. 
Like I was saying…I have one more project (the floor) and I need III’s help. So it might be Saturday or Sunday before I can reveal it to you. Please accept my sincerest apologies. :o) 
. . . . .
I do have a great “getting organized in the new year” idea to share today. 
Have you seen this pin on Pinterest?
It’s a great and simple idea really. 
I have too many clothes. In our bedroom III has one small bifold door closet, it’s probably 4 feet wide. 
I on the other hand have it’s identical twin plus a long walk in and both are filled to the brim. 
We started the year by cleaning out and filling 3 garbage bags to send to either Consignment or Goodwill.
 However, there are just those pieces I can’t get rid of, because what if I need a three quarters length, citron green, v-neck shirt one day??? 
So following Mommy Saver’s advice I’ve turned ALL of my hangers around, in ALL closets.
The plan: Whenever I we+ar something I’ll hang it back up with a hanger facing the right way. 
It will be an honest record of what I wear and who is “hanging out” alone for way to long :o) 
I also go rid of all our wire hangers…it’s so nice of the cleaners to give them to me, but I’d rather them charge a $1.00 less and keep the hanger. I suppose it’s the thought that counts though.
Any other organizing tips out there for the New Year???
I promise I’ll see you this weekend :o) You can follow project updates on twitter or facebook…
and even see things like how I cut my own hair today and other instagram goodies (@astepinthejourney)!
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3 thoughts on “Laundry Related…”

  • Your laundry room is amazing! It must be heaven to do your laundry now. ;) I love the tip about the hangers – I really need to do this in my closet.
    Stopping by from Thirty Handmade Days.:)

  • What a great tip about the hangers – every so often I go through my closet and if I cannot remember the last time I wore it – It gets trashed – but that is smart. and I hate wire hangers (unless I am crafting of course! =))
    I am stopping by from TT&J –


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