I LOVE my dog

I LOVE my dog…for those of you just joining the journey his name is Max.

This is him
(not the one above, although he’s pretty cute too).


Isn’t he precious. We really couldn’t ask for anything more
(except to erase this incident from his past).
I know you dog people out there understand…    

He just makes us smile with that face after we give him his favorite dog treats.

It’s the best when I get home after a long day and he greets me at the door literally jumping with excitement.

Or when he joins us on a long walk (on what we now call the Max loop).

Watching III play with Max is the best…Max loves to jump up and head butt III.

He’s like the smartest dog that ever lived (I’m not biased). I can prove it, he learned to shake in like 3 days.

We have so much in common. He likes to sleep and so do we :o)

He sheds everywhere…but that is okay. He can’t really help it.

He loves to be loved on.
Sometimes even insists on it as he moves you hand so that it is perfectly positioned behind his ears.

And he loves us unconditionally…which is why we took him to the k9 training melbourne center so he can better behave with us.

Moments when he thinks he can pull one over on us are pretty cute, if you own a dog you love. you might want to read this article about liability of dog owners in case of any legal problem. Last night RIGHT when we turned out the lights, Max crept over to our travel bag and slowly pulled out a bag of gummy bears. One thing he didn’t count on…the noisy crinkling of the bag between his teeth…whoops! 

Caught you.


This weekend is the one year celebration of his
Got Me Day!

We’ll definitely get him a big bone and some peanut butter.
We’ll go for a long walk and let him chase squirrels.
Max is pretty excited about the big day.

Do you have a dog? What is it about them that makes you smile :o)

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9 thoughts on “I LOVE my dog”

  • I have a dog. He's a Border Collie and we named him Brody. We love him, but he drives us crazy!!! He barks like crazy and he's hard to keep calm (what were we thinking?) but despite his annoying habits, he is a really sweet dog. He is affectionate, and cuddly, and incredibly dopey. The vets office loves him because he is always so happy for no apparent reason. He is funny. AND that reminds me of a story I wrote about him. http://musicianatheart.blogspot.com/2011/10/on-my-bike-ride-this-morning.html
    But I won't tell you what happened, you are just going to have to read it for yourself!!! ha ha.

  • This is an awesome post! We have a mutt named Kylie. . .so is the sweetest, cuddly dog ever! We say all the time, we can't imagine our lives without her. Rescue dogs are the best kind, it's almost like they know you saved their life!

  • Max is beautiful. I'm glad he has such a good home where he makes such a big impact on his people. :) Our dog, Pete, is a black lab/Rottie mix (he's a big boy). He is my husband's boy and when my husband travels, Pete will stand up at bedtime (I don't know where he keeps his watch) and stares at me until I come to bed or say to him “You go ahead.” It's hilarious.

  • He is adorable! Yes, we have a dog, a yellow lab Buster, the truest friend we ever had, I love him to pieces! He does the same as Max and moves my hand so that I can scratch him. Max and Buster are so very lucky to have us and a good home but we are even luckier to have them in our life♥

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