Burlap Wreath

I’ve been adding some features here and there to our Master Bedroom.

First, it was adding scrapbook paper to an old window to create this Knock-Off Ballard Design.

While I loved the look,

I just wanted to add a little more depth.

And since everything in my world is leaning toward neutralicious,
I decided burlap would be the perfect touch!

I used an old grapevine wreath that used to hand on our front door, and wrapped it in strips of burlap.

Now I didn’t get too technical here.
I simply hot glued a whole bunch of loops to the face of the wreath
(however if I did it again I would probably do a little twisting here and there and not be quite so uniform).

I lived a little on the wild side for the inside and outside edges.
Twisting and turning, then gluing every now and then.

I added a bow to the top….and there you have it! 
I love the natural look & texture the burlap adds to the wreath :o)


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