2011 Projects in REVIEW

Before I write a post about what I hope the new year will hold,
I want to step back and remember some of the steps 2011’s journey.
This blog after all is a STEP in the JOURNEY. 
When I truly dived (as in posting on a regular basis) into the blogging world this summer I never imagined all of the friends I would make and the daily inspiration I would receive (and hopefully give). I am TRULY enjoying this journey and am so grateful as I look back at 2011 that you were along for the ride!
Here are 5+ posts that received A LOT of love!
Thanks to some love from Everything Etsy these
post received the most views of 2011.
After really embracing the photograph bug, I stitched up a camera strap slipcover from one of Max’s chewed up dog beds..
A lot of hard work really paid off when I was able to reveal our new kitchen on a dime transformation as part of my house to home series.
After being inspired by Love of Family and Home, I made this small pallet for a dear friend’s baby shower! It was not only a hit with the new mom, but the blog world as well!
Finally, a recent powder bath face lift had us all seeing horizontal, and left me IN LOVE!
This final post received a lot of love and I think was one of my favorite posts of 2011.
This was my first anniversary gift to III & will always pull at the heart strings.
I need to get a move on it and add  few more buttons from recent trips!
Thanks again to ALL who are on this journey with me taking it step by step.
I am looking forward to what a new year will hold for us all :o)


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