School Story Saturday

These stories are a little overdue.

But I still want to present Four reasons a Teacher knows it’s Time for Thanksgiving Break.
(Yes, from personal experience)

We were playing a category game during a class meeting. The way it works is one person starts with a stuffed animal (or ball). I give them a category and then they start passing the stuffed animal. The child’s goal is to name 5 items in the category before the animal makes it around the circle and back to them.
So this particular time the category was SHAPES.
The young man passed the animal and started listing shapes.
Insert small grin here…
I suppose you could say
“You know, _______________, it’s the shape of a pineapple.”
(And yes, I tried to think of something to put in the blank, but I honestly couldn’t…)
Thanksgiving Break was coming…

We were learning about Paul Revere…when I asked the class
What are some important locations from Paul’s life?
I was surprised by one little girl’s answer…
Well no, that was his occupation though, good try.
Thanksgiving Break was coming…

My friend and I share a door between our classrooms. In the afternoon during dismissal our last few kids will wander back and forth between the rooms talking with friends and with us.
We were down to about 4 or 6 kids and one of my students had walked over to Kelli’s room.
Another one of my little girls stood in our door way looking over with a puzzled expression.
All of a sudden she blurted out to the other child
“Hey, HOW did you get in there??”
“Well…I walked through door…”
You probably had to be there :o)
Thanksgiving Break was coming…

When saying to Karen (another friend/teacher)…
“and this stack of papers is sitting here because I haven’t filed them away”
a little girl came up and stated.
Mrs. G they haven’t flied filed away because the windows don’t open.
And again…thankfully…Thanksgiving Break was coming.
. . . . .

Now it’s Christmas Break we are looking forward to, and I’m sure there will be stories to tell!
Especially, since a certain Elf will be making his appearance very soon.
If you have any fun Elf shenanigans to share, please do.
I can’t wait to “see” what mischief he gets up to in the classroom!

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