Photography Challenge: From a Distance

It’s never too late to join us (but it’s getting close)! Just check out all the details of the Photography Challenge & 
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From a distance….the world looks blue and green.

Did anyone else think of Bette Midler when they heard the theme of this week’s photography challenge???

and the snow capped mountains white…

And moving right along :o)

My picture this week comes from San Francisco…it’s the Golden Gate

from a distance

Luckily we didn’t just see the bridge from a distance, 
but up close as we traveled on two wheels to the other side. So. Much. Fun.

. . . . 

Tip: It’s Christmas time, so of course my tip is related to the most wonderful time of the year.

Rachel from August Tea Photography gives some fabulous direction on how to capture several different shots of your Christmas tree. Definitely worth checking out. I tried several of these when trying to get a picture of Max for our Christmas card. 

And a few more “tree taking” tips.

DIYPhotography | Unskinny Boppy |  KevinandAmanda 

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Next week we wrap up our photography challenge with a self portrait.
Can you believe we made it??? 
Now let’s STEP BACK and take a look at your shots from a distance.

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