Photography Challenge: Finale

Can you believe the FINAL week of our photography challenge is here???
Time goes by SO quickly when you are having fun! 
And I hope it was that for you. Fun.
A great time, a social weekly get together, a time to strengthen your photography skills!
I was looking back at the photos of our journey together and I must admit…we are pretty
AWESOME photographers. We’ve come a LONG way ladies. 
Give yourself a pat on the back
& kiss your brain while you are at it!
I’m currently in the process of compiling photos for next week’s Photography Challenge recap. It has been SO hard narrowing down the list. There are some AMAZING shots that have been linked up over the past 20 weeks. Did you make every post? If so leave a comment at the bottom so I can give you a special shout out next week :o)
For the FINAL week of the photography challenge the topic is again
Self Portrait
I played with a few ideas and thought about linking up some of them, but my heart kept turning back to this picture….and I think it is because I want to remind myself (and you too) that the journey doesn’t stop here! While we are well on our way to becoming great photographers, 
we MUST keep practicing, taking risks, and look at things from a different angle.
I took this photo in San Francisco at the Jelly Belly factory. Using a self timer I propped my camera up on my purse which sat on the ground. (I know, I know, what was I thinking.) I did two test shots which captured III perfectly. However, when I went to jump in the shot after starting the self-timer…
the camera I missed. 
Lesson learned from this photo session:
check your photo before moving on to the next stop in your journey.
. . . . .
So here it is…the last link party!!! 
I can’t wait to see your self portrait…we’ll have to do a little before and after comparison!

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