Photography Challenge: A Childhood Memory

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You pictures from Someone You Love week were amazing and a perfect reminder of how thankful we all of for those people in our lives.
Thanks for sharing the ones you love with us!
This week I’m really looking forward to what you choose for your subject.
A Childhood Memory
Here is a little back story for you. I was born 3 weeks late, in Mobile, AL, in AUGUST. 
My poor mother.
I was due around July 14th, and didn’t make my grand entrance until August 5!
When my mom left the doctor’s office the Friday before I was born she was greeted with this 
stuffed happiness, balloons, and a note of encouragement. Surely I would come soon!
Meet Brownie. He was my best friend and bed buddy for as long as I can remember….literally.
Brownie wasn’t put on the shelf until the DAY of my wedding. I was 25 :o) 
Needless to say he is part of many childhood memories.
. . . . 
We are on the home stretch and I must admit I’m running out of tips.
I hope you’ve learned a lot along the way.
One thing I’ve realized on this journey is that while some pictures turn out perfectly from camera to print, most need a little touch up which is why for important events I like to hire experts like Christophe Viseux Photography. So my tip this week is to find an editing program you love and roll with it. Learn to use it, and use it well. Play with the exposure, the fill light, soft focus, the possibilities are endless. 
Have fun!
I use both Picasa and Picnik. Love them BOTH!
Now let’s head back in time! What is your favorite childhood memory??
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