How to Make Ornament Cake Balls


Do you and your friends have an annual cookie swap around Christmas time? Well then do I have the perfect cookie swap (cake pop) recipe for you, well that is if you think you can get away with not exactly bringing cookies to the party! When my mom and sister were in town this past weekend, we had so much fun creating these ornament cake balls! And I promise, they aren’t as hard as they might look!

how to make cake pops

Nothing brings back Christmas memories more than decorating cookies with my mom and sister this time of year. We always went above and beyond to make sure Santa had his pick of delicious cookies!
However, this year Pinterest plays a role and with all of the inspiration out there, we needed to step up our cookie production. So this year, we turned to CAKE POPS….what else did you expect???
how to make cake pops
What do you think?? Cake pop ball ornaments…
Precious, right.
We were having such a great time during the creating process that I forgot to snap pictures, but don’t worry I took plenty after!! Here is the run down for those of you dying to make your own. And don’t be scared, if I can do it….
You. Can. Do. It!
how to make cake pops
Christmas Sprinkles
MINI Reese’s (not miniature…MINI)
how to make cake pops
While I dipped and sprinkled the cake balls, my mom and sister did the HARD part.
Since when did Twizzlers no longer pull apart into perfect strings of licorice?? Because of this new realization we used clean scissors to cut the licorice into THIN strips (about 2 inches long) making sure each end came to a point. This made it easier to stick into the 2 side by side holes they poked into the top of each mini Reese.
how to make cake pops
Then with a surgeon’s precision, they inserted the Twizzler, one end in each hole. Finally, we attached the top of our cake ball ornament to each dipped & sprinkled ball using a little melted icing!!
how to make a cake pop
And that is how you make a Cake Pop Ornament.
how to make cake pops
The ornament decor possibilities are TRULY endless :o)
So start baking already and show me what you’ve got!
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