Guest Blogger: So I was Thinking (MY SISTER!)

Today is the last day of my guest blogging week, and like the others this last guest won’t disappoint!
Today’s SPECIAL guest :o) 
is my sister, Rachel from So I Was Thinking.
. . . . .
     The brother, me, LB, and III
Hello friends, my name is Rachel and I am excited to be a guest blogger today. I’m especially honored because the famous, crafty LB from this blog I have known all my life. I’m lucky to call her my sister and I am excited to present to all of you the gift I made her for Christmas. 
We are all in North Carolina this week getting to celebrate Christmas a week longer. Aren’t we all extremely blessed to be sons and daughters of Christ, such a fabulous reason to celebrate!
      I’m sitting at the table with family right now and one of my cousin’s triplets just informed us of some important information I thought I would share. She is getting her fingernails painted and was telling us about all the things that her teacher could paint on her face: a multitude of Christmas items from snowmen to Rudolph, so I asked her if she could paint Blitzen. She thought about it and told me she could but her favorite was Rudolph because Rudolph was set apart and different and it’s good to be different! The insight of a six year old can remind you that God asks us to be set apart and to bring glory to his name.
I write over at So I was Thinking, it is where I document my crafty, everyday thoughts, and where I am tracking my first year as an elementary school teacher. I hope you come and join in my journey!

Now I present to you:
Drawer Divider Jewelry box
1. I visited the local Wal-Mart in search of a drawer divider. I saw an example of this on Pinterest and wanted to make my own version. I found this drawer divider and knew it was perfect. It has two extra dividers if you want it to be extended, but I chose to just use the small version.
2. I added the base color. It is a light blue that I am thinking will go great with her bathroom. I was just going to do the back a color, but I had a few mishaps while painting so I ended up painting up the sides as well. If you just want to paint the back I suggest using painter’s tape. 
3. Next, I gathered my supplies. I found the knobs at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. They only had 2 inch screws with washers on the back so I went home to our hardware store where I got some bolts that were 1 inch long that would hold more securely from the back. I also picked up some cup hooks that I thought would be perfect for bracelets and small jewelry. 
 4. With the help of my dad, I drilled some holes through the wood and set the knobs in. Then I screwed in the cup hooks. If you don’t use the extended divider, make sure you use force when twisting in the cup hooks. 
 5. I added a purple necklace to complete the piece. There is a small rectangle at the top that I thought you could add either a box to hold your rings, some more cup hooks, or even a magnetic piece to hold earrings. 
Cross your fingers and lets hope she likes it!

I hope you too have someone fabulous to share your drawer jewelry divider with!
Merry Belated Christmas!
. . . . .
This jewelry divider was DEFINITELY a success!! I can’t wait to get home and hang it in my closet to store all of my jewelry :o) Isn’t my sister fabulous??? Head on over to So I Was Thinking
and see her adventures in life & some AMAZING ideas for kids 
(that she shares from her 1st grade classroom).

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