Guest Blogger: Inspire Me Heather

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! 
Our Christmas is not over quite yet, as we are still on the road traveling to see family and friends. 
But don’t worry…I haven’t forgotten about you friend! 
You are in for a TREAT!! 
While I am traveling this week, I have quite the line up of guest bloggers to greet you each morning 
leading up to the New Year!!
I know you will make them feel right at home .
. . . . .
Would all of my fabulous friends please welcome Heather to A Step in the Journey!
She blogs over at Inspire Me Heather, and I am so happy she is dropping in on the journey :o)
Hi, my name is Heather. I write over at a DIY and home decor blog Inspire Me Heather. Today I would like to share a recipe with you called Sassy Water.
It is water drink as part of the Flat Belly Diet with with no calories, no carbonation and no sugar.

Here’s the recipe:
Sassy Water
2 liters (about 8 1/2 cups) water 
1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
1 medium cucumber 
1 medium lemon 
12 small fresh mint leaves 
1. To a pitcher add the water and use as pure water as you can find.
2.  Peel the brown outer coating of the ginger off with a vegetable peeler and grate ginger finely.
3. Wash the cucumber, lemon and mint as thoroughly as possible. 

4. Peel and thinly slice cucumber and slice the lemon thinly.

5. Tear the washed mint leaves from stalk. 
6. Combine all ingredients and let flavors blend overnight.
Thanks for having me!
~ Heather

Thank you Heather!! I know after all the sweets & heavy holiday eating we could all use the secret to a flat belly!! I’m going to have to whip this concoction up as soon as I get home :o)

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