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When I first moved to Australia I was intrigued with the glass water bottles that everyone used.  When eating at a restaurant, one would be set on your dinner table.  Every home had a few tucked away in the fridge and you could purchase these bottles at any shop across Australia.  I, of course, had to have a few. 

Sun Fun Bottle

Once I got my water bottles home, I realized right away that they would need a little bling.  As far as I had searched, I could not find any decorated bottles.

Plain Water Bottle

My biggest concern with adding bling to a water bottle was how to adhere it.  The bottles are, of course, exposed to extreme cold, water and slight changes in temperature.  I decided my best option would be to use silicone glue.  It is designed for use on glass, metals, ceramics and many other products.  It is water proof and dries clear.  Perfect for what I need.
I purchased a few items in the local craft shop from the beading and scrapbooking isles and began to decorate my bottles.

Glue Rhinestone on Water Bottle

The silver base is for a jewelry broach.  I glued a rhinestone in the middle and then glued the broach to the center of the bottle.  The broach is made of plastic and the silicone glue has held it in place from fridge to table and back again without any signs of weakening.

Ice Cold Water Bottle

You can see the condensation on the bottle. 
I didn’t stop at just water bottles.  I needed to make one for my dish soap as well.  I had an empty “cocktail mix” bottle that I washed inside and out.  To keep my kitchen theme unified, I made the same style broach as my water bottle and placed the silicone glue on the back.  This was centered on the bottle.  The metal letters I had purchased in the craft shop were used to spell out “Dish Soap”.

Metal Letter Tiles

I rubbed a generous amount of the glue on the back of each letter and placed them around the broach.  (The glue is very smelly, you might want to use disposable gloves).

Rhinestone and lettered bottle

I left the bottle laying down for a few hours to ensure the letters would not slide out of place.

Dish Soap Pour Spout

Once the glue was set I filled the bottle with dish soap then placed an oil spout on the top.

Dish Soap

I love the look of my glamorized dish soap bottle.  It makes the chore of washing the dishes just a bit more elegant.

Olive Oil

Mr. AK enjoys his Olive Oil bottle, too.
I have made many different styles of these glass bottles and can see the endless opportunities…
They make great gifts.  All you need is a glass bottle, silicone glue, and your imagination. 
Tie a raffia ribbon with a gift tag around the neck of the bottle and you have the perfect present for a friend, teacher or hostess.
Happy Crafting,

Thanks Kimberly!! This is a great gift idea :o) I’ll have to remember that for the next birthday in my group. Make sure and head down under to AmericKim and tell Kimberly hello.

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