A Little Chocolate Trash

Our AMAZING Couples Small Group came over last night for a little HOLIDAY celebration. 
We made gingerbread houses..

Lauren & Andy’s

Katie & Ryan’s

Wade & Megan’s 
{not so gingerbread house :o)}

The Rice Krispie house did however include a snowman (complete with corn cob pipe)

Then there is III & LB’s…we tried.

Later on there was an interesting game of White Elephant 
(all presents HAD to be shopped for AT HOME)
I ended up with a fabulous button. I know my kids at school will LOVE this.
And as a little parting/Merry Christmas/Yall ROCK gift…I gave out 
Chocolate Trash.
Chex Mix
Melted Chocolate Morsels
Spread your mixture out on wax paper and let it dry.
Bottle Up. Two lovely ladies down the hall at school (Leslie and Melanie) have been donating their Starbucks bottles to my cause…I have quite a collection, so I pulled out a few.
I removed the labels & spray painted the lids.
I filled them up, made a tag, added a polka dotted circle, and tied them with some faux baker’s twine :o)
Then I took a lot of photos…so bare with me.



  1. This is so clever wht a great idea,Thanks,Deidre~ http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com

  2. that's so cool, how do you make the Chocolate Trash? And do you use choc chips?

  3. I thought those bottles looked familiar at the top of the post . . . perfect shape for a gift. I love that your small group did such a fun activity–and I'm a huge fan of Rice Krispie houses.

  4. Love the packaging, so creative! Hope you have a wonderful holiday, Laura Beth (too, however a rarely use the Beth anymore)

  5. Cute idea! And fun night with friends. Happy Holidays!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  6. Great idea using the Starbucks bottles! You are a very clever girl. Merry Christmas..

  7. Wow girl! I am very impressed! This looks like so much fun! I am definitely pinning those cute favor jars!

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